RepublicMobile APP Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the RepublicMobile App?

    This is an app that allows you to view your account information, conduct personal and third party transactions, make payments and more, from multiple devices.

  • Who can use the RepublicMobile App?

    Any customer registered for RepublicOnline (Personal) can use the RepublicMobile App. Simply download the app from either the Google Play Store, App Store or Blackberry App World, depending on the device you are using, enter the requested details and you’re on your way!

  • How can I apply for RepublicOnline

    Simply visit, click the 'Online Banking' button and sign up for RepublicOnline or click here. Once successfully registered, you can download the RepublicMobile App from the Google Play Store or App Store or Blackberry App World and begin the activation process.

  • What would I need to access the RepublicMobile App?

    To access the RepublicMobile App, you will need a RepublicOnline User ID, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.

  • On what device(s) can the RepublicMobile App be used?

    • Any Android phone with an operating system (OS) version of 4.0 and up
    • Any Android tablet with an OS version of 3.0 and up
    • Any iOS device with an OS version of 6.0 and up (iPhone and iPad)
    • Any Blackberry phone with an OS version of 10.1 and up
  • Is there a way to preview the RepublicMobile App before downloading it?

    After locating the RepublicMobile App in the Google Play Store, App Store or Blackberry App World, you can review some of the features and benefits before downloading the RepublicMobile App to your device. Also, interactive demos are available on for additional information.

  • Is there a cost to download the app?

    There is no cost for downloading the app.

  • Is there a cost to use this service?

    This service is free of charge. However, as part of the activation process, an SMS Code will be sent to the mobile number registered on RepublicOnline as a text message, which will incur the regular SMS message fee charged by your service provider. Carrier fees are also applicable if you access the service using a data plan from your mobile service provider.

  • Once I've downloaded the RepublicMobile App, how can I activate it?

    • Open the app, select your language preference, then click the 'I Accept' button after reading the Terms and Conditions
    • Click the “New User” link and enter your RepublicOnline user ID
    • Enter your Republic ID-Secure card values in the grid box. An SMS Code will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number, i.e. the mobile number registered on your RepublicOnline Profile
    • Set your MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number). Please memorise this MPIN as this will be required for all future logins
    • Your activation is now complete and you can login to the RepublicMobile App.
  • If I haven’t received the SMS Code during the activation process, what can I do?

    The SMS Code should be delivered to the registered mobile number on RepublicOnline. If you have not received the SMS Code within 15 minutes, please repeat the activation process. If you still haven’t received the SMS Code after repeating the activation process, please contact our Call Centre at 471-555 or email us at

  • Why am I not getting the SMS Code?

    This can happen for many different reasons:

    • If you changed your registered mobile number since signing up for RepublicOnline. Please, ensure that your registered mobile number on RepublicOnline is up-to-date.
    • If you have not subscribed for SMS alerts on RepublicOnline. For ease of reference, view the demo on registering for alert subscriptions here.
    • If you don't have enough credit on your mobile account. While the RepublicMobile App is a free service offered by Republic Bank Limited, there is a text message charge payable to your mobile service provider for messages that are sent and received. This charge is approximately SUR$0.55 + Vat per text message for both Telecom providers.
  • What transactions can I do using the RepublicMobile App?

    With the RepublicMobile App, you can conduct:

    • Transfers between personal accounts
    • Transfers to third party accounts
    • Payments to personal Credit Cards
    • Payments to third party Credit Cards
    • Transfers to other local bank accounts
    • International wire transfers
    • Bill Payments (only to payees registered via RepublicOnline)
  • If I transfer funds, pay bills and credit cards using the RepublicMobile App; would I be charged for these transactions?

    Transfers from a Savings/Chequing account to pay bills or credit card accounts, will not incur any charges.

    Transfers from a credit card account to a Savings/Chequing account account will be viewed as a cash advance and will in turn, be charged the respective cash advance fee. .

  • Would I still have instant access to funds when transfers are done using the RepublicMobile App?

    Yes. You would have instant access to funds when transfers are done using the RepublicMobile App.

  • Are there any limits to the number and value of transactions conducted using the RepublicMobile App?

    You may make cumulative account transfers of up to SUR$90,000 per day and bill payments of up to SUR$90,000 per day. Payments or transfers to third party accounts are limited to SUR$85,000.

  • Would all new third party accounts/cards need to be registered on RepublicOnline to access them as payees on the RepublicMobile App?

    Yes. All new third party accounts/cards must be registered on RepublicOnline in order to access them as payees on the RepublicMobile App.

  • What bills can I pay using the RepublicMobile App?

    Only bills that have been registered using RepublicOnline can be paid via the RepublicMobile App. These include:

    • Telesur USD
    • Telesur SRD
    • Surinaamsche Waterleiding MIJ N.V.
    • Energie
    • Digicel
  • If my RepublicMobile App shuts down unexpectedly during a transaction as in the case of my battery dying, would the transaction still be processed?

    If the request has successfully reached the Bank prior to the app/phone shutting down, the transaction will be processed. If you are unsure, simply check the transaction history using RepublicOnline or the RepublicMobile App at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions, please contact our 24/7 Call Centre at 471-555 or email: us at

  • If I forget my MPIN, what can I do?

    You can reset your MPIN by using the ‘Forgot MPIN’ link on the login page and follow the instructions outlined.

  • What will happen if I enter the incorrect MPIN multiple times?

    For security purposes, your access to the RepublicMobile App will be stopped after three (3) unsuccessful attempts at inputting the MPIN. If locked out, you will need to repeat the activation process to generate a new MPIN. (Please navigate to the 'New User' tab on the login page to repeat the activation process).

  • Is there an expiry date for my MPIN?

    There is no expiry date linked to your MPIN.

  • Can I change my MPIN if I think that it has been compromised?

    Yes. You can change your MPIN at any time by clicking the ‘More’ button on the dashboard, then click the ‘Change MPIN’ tab.

  • What should I do if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

    Please contact our 24/7 Call Centre immediately at 471-555 or email us at: and inform the representative that the device has been lost or stolen in order to have the service deactivated.

  • If someone steals my phone, can they access my account information/conduct transactions?

    Your account and other information will remain secure due to the following reasons:

    • An MPIN is required for each login
    • Third party transactions will also require the use of your RepublicOnline password
    • The addition of payees can only be performed using RepublicOnline

    In addition, the RepublicMobile App will automatically log you out after five (5) minutes of inactivity, further reducing the possibility of any malicious/unauthorised transactions.

  • Can I remotely deactivate a registered device?

    Yes. You can use any registered device to deactivate another registered device. Simply go to the ‘More’ tab, then ‘Manage Activated Devices’.

  • If my Republic ID-Secure card has been damaged, stolen or misplaced. What should I do?

    Your Republic ID-Secure card is required for the initial activation of the RepublicMobile App and would also be required for any subsequent activations i.e. if you are locked out due to three (3) unsuccessful attempts at inputting the MPIN or when registering a new device. Should your card be damaged, stolen or misplaced, please contact or call our Call Centre at: 471-555.

  • How long does it take to add/remove an account using the RepublicMobile App?

    The request to add/remove accounts will be processed within two (2) business days.

  • Would I have to enter my Republic ID-Secure Card information every time I login to the RepublicMobile App?

    No. This is only required during the user activation (via the ‘New User’ tab) or ‘Forgot MPIN’ processes.

  • How long do I have to wait before my requested manager’s cheque is ready?

    The request will be processed within two (2) business days. An email alert will be sent to your registered email address on RepublicOnline when the request is completed.

  • Will the information gathered by Republic Bank Limited through my use of the RepublicMobile App be kept confidential?

    In keeping with the Bank’s policy on customer confidentiality, all customer information submitted to us through the Internet will be maintained with the strictest confidence. Republic Bank will not disclose any customer information unless specifically authorised in writing by you to do so, or where disclosure is required or permitted by law.

  • Whom should I contact if I have any additional questions?

    You can contact us at 471-555 or email us at, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our team of trained and helpful staff will be more than willing to assist.

All matters related to registration, passwords, security and mobile banking services can be referred to the Call Centre or to your banking branch. All enquires related to transactions on your accounts should be directed to your banking branch.